Short presentations will be added to our YouTube page in a series of bite-sized themes: 
(contact the team for access to the videos) 
You’ll be able to see general overviews of projects including non-specialist introductions and how projects will enhance the landscape decision-making process in the UK 
Theme 1: Comparing, combining and improving models, and creating tools and frameworks – Upload date 21 May  

Theme 2: Modelling specific factors – Upload date 26 May  

Theme 3: Understanding shared social values (making invisible values visible) – Upload date 28 May  

Theme 4: Assessing how the social sciences/hums/arts can contribute to landscape decision making and inform landscape decision making models and tools – Upload date 2 June  

Theme 5: Multidisciplinary understanding – understanding how decisions are made and integration between disciplines – Upload date 4 June 
Work Package leaders from the Programme Coordination Team (PCT) will deliver short presentations focusing on how projects fit into the overall Landscape Decisions objectives and highlighting commonalities and links between projects.    

Presentations will be about 15 minutes long and will be added to our YouTube page on 18 June for viewing   
An opportunity for Project Teams to get together for group discussions – via Zoom  
Dates of sessions: 25th & 30th June, 9th & 16th July 2-4 pm. 

For technical reasons numbers will be limited to a maximum of 150 per session.
Entry to the discussions will be via a pass code sent to project teams ahead of the day 

Each session will focus on a specific topic and last for a maximum of 2 hours.  Sessions will be held on 4 separate days to minimise video-conference fatigue.  

Sessions will be recorded to inform the subsequent writing retreats.  
The Topics 
Topic 1: Understanding people’s interaction with landscapes and landscape decision making 
Topic 2: Multi-functional landscapes and ES  

Topic 3: What pressures on Landscapes are currently not being considered – i.e. where are the gaps in our understanding of the pressures  

Topic 4: Can we understand different levels/scales of landscape decision making and the interactions between them?