New Model Solutions

Optimising multifunctional land-use decisions through robust combined models: a pollination-crop yield-landscape aesthetics case study
A practical tool and robust framework for evaluating greenhouse gas emissions from land-based activities
Landscape-scale environmental drivers of coastal dune mobility
JDec: Joint decision models for citizens, crops, and environment
A Bayesian approach to complex land use change modelling
JULES EMulator of ecosystem services (JEM)
The interplay of land-use, climate and plant biodiversity on the UK stage
Modelling uncertainty for decision making on ammonia mitigation with trees in the landscape (MUDMAT)
Simulating UK plant biodiversity under climate change to aid landscape decision making
New Science to Enable the Design of Agricultural Landscapes that Deliver Multiple Functions – AgLand
Land Allocation and Valuation Models Phase 1
Land Allocation and Valuation Models Phase 2
Developing a Toolkit for Mapping and Deliberating Values for Uplands Management (MADEVU)
Co-production of a software tool for field-scale species distribution
Co-designing Robust natural Capital LandscapEs
How many trees should we plant and where?