Connecting disadvantaged young people with landscape through arts

The health and well-being benefits of being in the outdoors are well-documented, but children and young people who would benefit most are often those who face barriers to access and acceptance.

Currently the views of disadvantaged groups, and particularly young people, are often disregarded in decision-making about land-use and landscape. Therefore, in this project we are working with diverse artists and groups of children and young people in three areas of NW England, to collect and convey disadvantaged young people’s perspectives on landscapes local to them.

Principal Investigator Candice Satchwell introduces the project in this short video

Creative outputs co-created with young people may include poems, stories, songs, collages, paintings, or natural artefacts embedded in the landscape. Through the creation and exhibition of these artworks, the voices of children and young people will be brought to the forefront in helping to shape decisions about their local environments.

Ultimately we aim to produce a sustainable arts legacy from disadvantaged children and young people to influence decisions about the land around them, their access to it, and present and future uses of it.

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