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Our projects

The Landscape Decisions Programme is a network of 63 interrelated research projects with teams working across multiple disciplines in institutions across the UK.

All the teams share the goal of delivering better, evidence-based decisions within UK landscapes through research collaboration with policy, business, and land management partners to work towards a decision-making framework that will inform how land is used.

Locations Overview

A quick overview of where our project PI’s are based. Wider Project teams are based in many other locations and may be working locally regionally or nationally.

See our individual project pages for more details.

Design Innovation and Land-Assets: Towards New Thinking & Communities

Developing a Toolkit for Mapping and Deliberating Values for Uplands Management (MADEVU)

Co-production of a software tool for field-scale species distribution modelling & mapping using local biodiversity records

Bridging the national and local in landscape decision making

Co-designing Robust natural Capital LandscapEs

Welsh Peatlands Evidence

How many trees should we plant and where?

The role of property, ownership & land tenure on landscape decision making


Landscape Futures and the Challenge of Change

Tipping Points: Cultural Responses to Wilding and Land Sharing in the North of England

Multisensory multispecies storytelling to engage disadvantaged groups in changing landscape

Field || guides

Planning Creativity: Participatory Heritage and Decision Making

TREESCAPES: Making visible the cultural values at risk from tree pests and diseases through arts approaches

Connecting disadvantaged young people with landscape through arts

The sacred landscapes of medieval monasteries: an inter-disciplinary study of meaning embedded in space and production

Imagining the measure of change: Art, science and the estuary community

Lincolnshire Wolds Landscape Network

Changing landscapes, changing lives: how can narrative and biographical perspectives improve landscape decision making?

Design Innovation and Land-Assets

Creative Landscape Futures

Landscapes of the Mind

Multispecies storytelling: more-than-human narratives about landscape

Decommissioning the Twentieth Century

Field \ work

HydroSpheres: co-design for landscape decision-making

Unlocking Landscapes: History, Culture and Sensory Diversity in Landscape Use and Decision Making

Community Empowerment and Landscape Decision Making frameworks in Scotland

Revealing Long-Term Change in Vegetation Landscapes: The English Lake District and Beyond

Land Allocation and Valuation Models Phase 2

Land Allocation and Valuation Models Phase 1

AGLAND: New Science to Enable the Design of Agricultural Landscapes that Deliver Multiple Functions


Integrating new statistical frameworks into eDNA survey and analysis at the landscape scale

Simulating UK plant biodiversity under climate change to aid landscape decision making

Developing a statistical methodology for the assessment and management of peatland (StAMP)

Statistical inference and uncertainty quantification for complex process-based models using multiple data sets

PRAFOR: Probabilistic drought Risk Analysis for FORested landscapes

Assessing Statistical models of Temporary River Intermittence for Decision makers (ASTRID)

Modelling uncertainty for decision making on ammonia mitigation with trees in the landscape (MUDMAT)

The interplay of land-use, climate and plant biodiversity on the UK stage

JULES EMulator of ecosystem services (JEM)

A Bayesian approach to complex land use change modelling

JDec: Joint decision models for citizens, crops, and environment

Issues of Uncertainty and Scale in Derived Products

Quantifying uncertainty in the predictions of complex process-based models

Landscapes For Sequestering Carbon

Explainable AI for UK agricultural land use decision-making


The Landscapes of Post-War Infrastructure: Culture, Amenity, Heritage and Industry

Optimising multifunctional land-use decisions through robust combined models: a pollination-crop yield-landscape aesthetics case study

A practical tool and robust framework for evaluating greenhouse gas emissions from land-based activities

Heterogeneity and complexity in collaborative biosecurity schemes

Enhancing UK Flood Resilience: Past Floods, Present Threats, Future Responses

Women In The Hills, c. 1800 to Present

Landscape-scale environmental drivers of coastal dune mobility

Mathematical and Statistical Challenges in Landscape Decision Making