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Unlocking Landscapes: History, Culture and Sensory Diversity in
Landscape Use and Decision Making Interim Report – June 2021

This interim report shares how the Unlocking Landscapes project team have started to explore opportunities to complement UK landscape management and decision-making approaches that foreground biodiversity with a focus on human diversity in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Detailing a range of activities to encourage critical and cross-disciplinary
discussion around the complex ways in which landscapes become meaningful to individuals and groups through their senses, personal memories and collective histories, and sharing plans for the next steps, this report will undoubtedly be helpful for everyone seeking to overcome the problems of the past year and a half.

Landscapes of the Mind – Visual Matrix Summaries

At the heart of the Landscapes of the Mind project is a network of artists and researchers working across disciplines and the idea of exploring the different ways we express our connection with landscape, sharing how our different perspectives may contribute to discussions around landscape conservation and adaptation to changing culture, communities and societal needs.

Co-creating artworks with network participants that embrace our subjectivity about landscape and gives time to think and reflect on varying perspectives. In an attempt to flourish under Covid restrictions the team adapted the visual-matrix – a psycho-social method with arts practice, to engage virtually. This report summarises VM1 themed around Landscape and Water and VM2 Landscape and Time.

Landscapes 2030 workshops January 2021 – Summary Report

In January 2021 the Landscape Decisions Programme Coordination Team hosted a workshop looking forwards a decade with a focus on stakeholder evidence and research needs.  Stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and organisations took part in 3 short virtual workshops. The Summary Report can be accessed here.

Where is the Wild Workshops report from the Tipping Points project

This report details a series of workshops run but the LDP
Tipping Points‘ project that highlighted creative
reflections on “the wild”, and all of its
implications for human and nonhuman life in
three different environments in the north of

Image by Somewhere Nowhere
Image by Somewhere Nowhere

Report of Landscape Decisions Programme Network-wide event Summer 2020

2020 brought some unexpected new challenges to the world, in the shape of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), or Covid as it soon came to be known. The Landscape Decisions Programme Network decided to meet these head on by moving our planned Programme-wide event online.

You can download the report of that event here.